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Does a major nursing conference have a place for a student?


Hello to all who open and read this, and thanks in advance for giving your honest feedback! This is my first of hopefully many posts.

I recently completed coursework to become an LPN; only applying to (and passing!) the NCLEX-PN remains. Meanwhile I'm completing pre-reqs for RN school. . . .anyhow, fast forward to this upcoming nursing conference called the Nursing Symposium, which is I believe this May in Orlando. I read about this while casually reading nursing magazines at my college library. The conference loaded with a wide variety of classes and lectures, many of which are of interest to me! Despite such an early stage in my nursing career (no healthcare experience other than home health aide the past 6 months), I want to expose myself to as much as I can so I make informed decisions about my future career plans.

Enough rambling. . .it is not clear to me if such conferences as this Nursing Symposium have a place for student nurses. The lectures/classes offered do read as though they are catered to already-professionals who 1) need to or want to fill certain continuing education requirements, and 2) want a vacation in the process. Is it too early for me to even consider going to something like this if I haven't secured a job yet as an LPN? Would this be a poor investment for me to register for certain offerings if I'm not hired by a hospital or other facility? Appreciate any feedback.


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Most conferences, symposiums, etc. encourage student attendance. You may even get a student discount. I say go for it, and enjoy the learning experience. I wish all nursing students had the enthusiasm for the profession that you have.

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