Does Hunter / SUNY Downstate accept prerequisites taken from an online school?

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Work full time currently and have a young I was wondering if anyone knows whether Hunter or SUNY Downstate (or other CUNYs?) accept online courses and from which institutions? I tried emailing them both about Edukan but got vague answers leaning towards no. I also kinda wonder if you're a better Hunter candidate if you take your prereqs at Hunter?

Thanks for any info! I have a ton of prereqs to take so I want to get started soon!

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I can't speak for Hunter, but Downstate is pretty liberal about accepting online credits as well as CLEPs for the non-science pre-reqs (English, sociology, psych, etc.) I don't know about the sciences though, as I preferred to take a hands on lab. I would not really recommend taking an all-online science class, because you want your credits to be as broadly transferrable as possible and many programs will NOT look at online sciences.