Does Geriatric care count in Nursing School Applications?


Hi Everyone,I am a CNA and I am interested in going to Nursing school,I attended an open house where we were encouraged to do voluntary work in hospitals,work in EMT e.t.c to get some experience into what nursing is.

I asked if geriatric care counted since this is what I do for a living as a CNA and I have taken some classes on caring for people with Alzheimer's as well,I am told Not really and I do not get a convincing explanation,I get confused,Isn't this part of what nurses do?

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What do you mean by not getting a convincing answer?

Geriatric care is not the ONLY thing "nurses do". Nurse have a much broader scope than CNA work, and nursing school is a generalist role and emphasizes the role of nursing in acute care, community health; long term care and working with the older adult population is a small part of nursing studies, and those aspects are important FYIs.

Being a CNA will help with being comfortable with patient interaction; however, CNA work is the first semester of nursing school only; meaning that as you continue on your studies, you move away from that mindset and are in the role as a professional nurse.