Does culture improve when you move up?


Question for the nurse managers and administrators here.

Do you still have to handle poor behaviour from your peers? Does it 'go away' the further you move up?

I am at a crossroads with my career. I would like to move up but do not wish to have to continue with dealing with aspects of poor culture that plaque many a staff nurse. If it means having to continue to tolerate certain behaviour from senior peers then it will be time to leave nursing for me.

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Not necessarily. Sometimes, it's even worse. Sometimes it is better. It all depends on the individuals involved.

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What does "poor behavior" mean?

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What does "poor behavior" mean?

I generally view 'poor behaviour' from a staff nurse vantage as: uncivil behaviour (basic rudeness) cattiness and bullying.

Component of disruptive behaviour with its implications for p't safety, quality improvement and staff retention.

I was wondering if these individuals tend to be 'weeded out' with progression ?

As nursing in Australia often promotes on experience, with less emphasis on education and generic professional skill; I am inclined to assert that many aspects of poor culture remain with nurses who move up.

Am living in Australia but was interested in hearing the views of US nurse managers and administrators. Have noticed that US seems to require more education for senior nurses (BSN + MSN or BSN +MSN /MBA).

I was interested in hearing peoples views ..... does poor culture stay and is there a correlation with education?