Does anyone work at HUP or JEFF?


Hi, I am curious if anyone works at either of these hospitals and knows what a new graduate nurse's pay rate is for a BSN. Also, when do the benefits kick in? If you have any pro's or con's about these hospitals that would be very helpful.

Thanks so much!


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hi, i accpeted a position at HUP. New grads start out at $27.32/hr. benefits kick in, after probation period of 90 days.

pros for hup include- large teacing hospital, you will have an amazing learning experience no matter which unit you choose. Magnet status is also a plus, along with prepaid tuition reinbursment

cons- hup is very, very busy! the floors and units are always a little chaotic, because the hospital is always full. i guess this could be a pro becasue it means you have great exposure. parking is definitely a con, its so expensive

hope this helps! best of luck to you in your career:)

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