Does anyone seen application Withdrawn on CA Rn

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Been checking my application status daily and tonight, the status was withdrawn. Anyone came across this issue. Sorry, I have 7 more hours before i can call CA Rn board in Sacramento.

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Unfortunately only the BRN has the accurate answer to your question so you will have to wait :( Did you take the NCLEX or are you endorsing in from another state/country?

To be honest...the first thing that comes to my mind when I see things like this is, do you have a criminal history and failed/forgot to disclose it? That would be one reason they'd hold up your licensure.

Hope you get good news when you call.



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No prior convictions and I graduated in California. I took the NCLEX once but failed once and after 3 years, I reapplied not for retake or reapply but the standard Rn aplication. Live scan, ordering my trancripts, everything from the beginning...thanks, just cant sleep, been goggling the whole time to see if anyone else encounter my issue.


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So did you ever pass the NCLEX? your post says you took it once and failed once. kind of confusing.



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If you applied for the "standard RN application" and you don't have a record of passing NCLEX, that would certainly 1) give the BoN staff a good laugh to get their day started, and 2) cause your application to be "withdrawn."

Unless we are all misunderstanding you.