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Does anyone have any pros/cons on NAU nursing school

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I have been taking my prereqs for NAU nursing school. I am planning on applying in August. I was thinking about looking into the Penn valley program too, for cost reasons. I really like NAU in Zona Rosa but they are quite expensive. I have also heard that they only take 25 people out of 60, that kind of worries me. I have a good GPA, but I am just worried about the small number of students that they take. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


i was looking into going there too, i have all my pre-reqs but mirco and im an lpn and they told me $40,000. thats just a insane amount of money for a rn and 12 months of school. so i passed on that now just looking into doing Excelsior in 6-9 months. if i was you i would look around unless money is not a issue for you

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