Does anyone know if the school you attend has any effect on future in any way?


I am starting school very soon, and I am just curious if anyone knows of or has noticed any effect on income potential, hiring priority, or any other such issue, based upon the school a person went to.

Thanks for any input!


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As far as I have heard, it doesn't matter which school as long as you have a degree. I know Ivy Tech's placement rate is very very high...but then again I could be wrong about it.


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Some places won't hire you if your school wasn't NLN accredited. I just started working for the VA. One of their requirements is that you have graduated from an NLN accredited school of nursing.

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It ususally only has a significant impact at the extreme ends. If you go to a school with a terrific reputation, it can help you get a job for which there is competition. If you go to a school with a poor reputation, it can hurt you.

The schools in the middle of the pack all blend together and don't usually make much difference.


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From what Ive heard from many people I know we all take the same Nclex and get the same basic degree. I have a friend that went to ivy tech and works out in Downtown Chicago and makes the big bucks. And another woman I know went to purdue lafayette, got a bsn and works at a hospital in the area and doesnt make near as much as my other friend. It just depends on you. What you learn while your in school and what your willing to do when you get out. Good luck.

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The lic will get you in the door, it is your personality/ethics and drive that will get you where you want to be once inside...

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