Does anyone know where a new grad can find a job in the PB or Broward area?



I just recently passed the boards in October, and I am having a hard time finding a job. Sent out plenty resumes to different companies, I have not gotten a positive response.:uhoh3::uhoh3: Most places are asking for one year experience that of which I do not have. The only experience that I have is my one year clinical experience in school. I am so eager to work and to utilizes the skills that I have been taught. But no one will give me the chance. Does anyone know of any place that will take on a new grad in the Palm beach or broward area, even the Miami area. Any help will be greatly appreciated.




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If you don't mind the commute..I believe that the VA hospital in wet palm beach is hiring an LPN. It's for hospice...they have great benefits from what I heard.

As for the my past if I lacked experience requirement I would typically attach a letter stating why I think they should hire me based on experiences in other areas and great willingness to learn. This has worked for me many times even landing me a job which a person typically requires a masters degree in psychology.

You can gain experience in other ways through volunteering, taking continuing education classes that show you are a avid learner (preventing med errors), attending lectures and workshops.....all these things will make you stand out and generally are interesting and definitely very beneficial.

In this economy it's very much a who you know and networking to find jobs. If you have a family member of friends in health care ask them! Lots of times people working somewhere may know about a opening before it's even listed.

Maybe try a staffing service too?


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Thanks runsondunkin, I really appreciate the advice.:up::up:


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Holy Cross in ft. lauderdale has a nurse residency program that is posted now and Martin Memorial in Stuart, FL hires new grads. Both require 2 year contracts. Good luck.


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Holly cross only hire BSN for their program....i am out of luck.

Is there a nursing temp agency in your area? In my area some of the temp agencies - like CSI nurseworld - will send you out PRN even if you are a new grad. It's a way to earn some money and use your skills while you get practice. Also - while you are doing that - you could volunteer one day a week at the hospital where you most want to be hired, to make connections and get experience. You'd probably only be allowed to volunteer to do "candy-striper" kind of work, but it's a way to get to know people at the hospital.

And be open to any kind of nursing job, at any facility, at this point - in this economy, your first job probably will not be your dream job. Once you get experience you will be far more hireable.