Does anyone know how hard the Mass RPN/LPN exam is and what study guides were used.

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I just moved from Canada to Massachusetts about 2mths ago. I have been a nurse RPN in Canada for the last 5 years. In order to be licensed in MA I will have to write the MA State Board Exam. I bought the NCLEX Practice Guide and it is really different from when I wrote the exam 5 yrs ago. In the US you have to know all lab results, IV's, pediatrics and maternity. As an RPN in Canada RPN do touch some of those areas but not as in depth as here in the US. My question is has anyone written the US exam and will the NCLEX Practice guide help me? OR is there any other references that you know of that will benefit. What also does not help is they still use the standard measurements and not metric. I am having a tough time. Please help.


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my teacher gave me a web site that will have similar questions to the PN exam it is, i havent looked at it yet but the people in my class said that it was helpful, the test varies in every province and i am in ontarioso depending what province your in the material on the exam could change from mine, not sure. you could maybe go to your local college and see if the bookstore has a book that offers a review book or ask the nursing cooridinator there for some advice. i bought the Mosby's comprehensive review of practical nursing and well it covers pretty much the whole program, the ISBN # is 0-323-01166-7, try looking it up on the mosby website or evolver website, hope this helps

good luck

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woops, i just totally read your post completely wrong i thought that you were american coming to canada, sorry about that, i wish that i could offer you some help sorry, wow i need some sleep


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Having taken the nclex PN and the RN I can tell you that the nclex study books for the PN will be more than enough to pass. This test was quite easy after using a book to study from.


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Hi, I understand your post is quite old but I am in the same situation. I am a new graduate from the RPN program in Ontario, Canada and now I'm currently studying for the american exam in hopes of being able to work in the states. However, I am finding it difficult to studying for the exam because of the reasons you previously stated. I found the canadian exam you could rationalize it, but studying for the american exam is quite difficult because there is so much stuff in dept you have to know. Anyways, I'm guessing you have already written the american exam and was wondering if you have any hints, tips..anything!! hah Thank you!

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