Does anyone know about the company EDS?

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Does anyone know anything about the company EDS?

What do they do? What do the initials stand for?

Specializes in Trauma, Burn, Crticial Care.

Is it the Electronic Data Systems from Dallas? If so - it is the company that Ross Perot founded in the 70s.

Specializes in Geriatrics.

I've worked for EDS twice. If Electronic Data Systems is the company you're referring to. Back in the early '80s in Illinois. They had a contract with the state of Illinois and we processed Medicare claims. This was still when Perot was at the helm. It was a great company to work for.

Second time was for about a year and a half in Ohio. I only worked 2 nights a week, four hour shifts this time. I wasn't real involved in things and I worked through a temp agency. I left b/c they gave me a dime raise during this whole time. When my boss gave me the raise she said that she knew it wasn't much but to ask for another one in about three months. When I did she looked at me like I had two heads and said 'no.'

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