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Do you guys have some form of guideline for documenting for travel nurse or even new nurses on your unit? I need some ideas for creating something as a checklist of sort so that they are doing what is required


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As a travel nurse, when I get my two or three days of orientation I take as many notes as I can during that time on what is required as far as charting, where to find emergency items (crash cart, precip kit, hemorrhage cart), where phone numbers are, and any other vital information I may need. I feel this helps a lot since it is impossible to remember everything! For my last assignment I kept a small notebook and for this assignment, since it is slower paced, I have a Google document.

As far as creating a checklist, I think that would be very helpful and I would literally just do that! As you know, every charting system is different and every unit will have different things that they will be auditing for. Maybe make a heading for each tab you are required to chart under and then just list the items to chart. Maybe have several nurses review the checklist to get some input before giving it out to your travelers.


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I like that idea. I am trying to come up with something that is very easy to follow for anyone new. Thanks.


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Does anyone have something that can help me with documentation because I suck at it.