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Doctors office RN


I currently work in a rehab/long term care facility and I feel like they expect too much of me for just becoming a nurse 6 months ago. There's staffing issues where I work and they're expecting me to be the RN in the building when I'm on. Being a new RN who isn't very confident in herself I just can't handle this sort of job anymore. I was thinking I would like a doctors office job since I like the idea of repetition with not so much critical thinking. The only problem is there's not many doctors offices around where I live that advertise they'rere hiring RNs. I'm just asking for advice on what being a doctors office rn is like and what sort of places I should look for.


Has 25 years experience.

I was one of 2 RNs in a large OBGYN practice across the street from my hospital. With my co-worker, I fielded over 100 phone calls a day, drew blood, performed diagnostic tests, administered vaccines and IM antibiotics and BC. I dealt with rape victims, ectopic pregnancies and counseled patients, as well as calling in meds and following up on labs, pain issues, addiction, fainting patients, walk ins, bla bla bla...

Can you be clearer on the "less critical thinking" part?