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  1. Hi, I will be attending the University of San Francisco this fall, 2015, for the DNP FNP part time program. I am from Tampa, FL and will be moving across the country. Looking to find nurses who are in my program or attend USF and could offer advice. I would like to get familiar with the hospitals, outpatient centers, etc. I also would love to make new friends and learn about where to look for housing, where are some good eats, any info that I should know. Thanks in advance for the help!
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    I did not attend USF. Are you going to be working in the area as well? Just a caution to be prepared for the high cost of housing in San Francisco. The best way to look for a place to live is craigslist which allows you to narrow your housing search by neighborhood. The price of rent for a one-bedroom apt in the area of USF/panhandle neighborhood starts at around $2,600 a month. Neighboring areas are Cole Valley (nice, walkable, quiet), Haight-Ashbury (walkable, OK area but lots of homeless people/vagrants right on Haight), and Inner Richmond (quiet and walkable with lots of places to eat especially Asian cuisines). Good luck.
  4. by   hbrady0830
    Thanks so much for your response Juan! I do plan on working. I need to find as cheap housing as possible, and will definitely look at the areas you mentioned. Then I also need to look at places to work. Where do you work out there? I appreciate the feedback.
  5. by   juan de la cruz
    San Francisco is a relatively small but a densely packed city so there are a lot of hospitals within the city itself. I suggest you start looking for a job now because the competition is stiff here though your nursing experience will work in your favor.

    Big nursing employers are UCSF Medical Center (2 hospital sites in the city), Sutter Health (3 sites of California Pacific Medical Center), Dignity Health (St Mary's and St. Francis Medical Centers), Kaiser Permanente (one large hospital site in the city), San Francisco General Hospital (part of San Francisco Dept of Public Health), and a VA Hospital. I'm serious about applying now and I would even consider travel assignments if that's what you can get. Outside of the city limits, there are other hospital options.

    As far as housing, you will probably save more if you get into a roommate situation. You could basically can live anywhere here except for some neighborhoods that are considered no-no's even for locals. Neighborhoods such as parts of the Tenderloin, Bayview, and Hunter's Point have a high incidence of crime (from property theft to drugs to even homicides). Some neighborhoods get more summer fog than others making them seem depressing to live in during the summer but San Francisco can be a shocker to most outsiders because you do wear a spring coat all year round.

    I could discuss where I work and what other places are like (based on other people's account) in a PM rather than in public.
  6. by   CityRn
    Hi hbrady0830,
    Congrats on your admission. I applied to the USF program as well. I just submitted my application yesterday. I am surprised that they are sending out admission letters already considering the deadline is not until another month. Can you please let me know how long after you submitted your application before receiving a decision? Thanks.

    As far as jobs in the area, there are plenty. If you are living inside of the city the best places to work at are UCSF, and CPMC. I am sure you have heard of UCSF, and CPMC is part of a larger health group called Sutter Health. You may also consider working in the East Bay or South Bay, rent will be significantly cheaper. I would consider working for Stanford in the South Bay, Alta Bates or John Muir in the East Bay.
  7. by   hbrady0830
    Hi, sorry for the late response. I waited about 2 months to hear back. I also submitted my application in January. Did you get in? Thanks for the job info
  8. by   CityRn
    I actually did get accepted. I just need to submit all my official transcripts and health clearance. Have you made the move yet?
  9. by   hbrady0830
    Yay! Congrats. I haven't made the move yet. I will be heading out there in mid August. We should be in touch! You can find me on fbook or any social media as "hollywithasmile."
  10. by   nikisheth

    I was accepted as well and would like to meet some of my classmates maybe even orientation. You can add me on fb or I can add you. Have you found a place yet?
  11. by   josiervitale
    Could I ask anyone who has been accepted to USF: What was your GPA as well as your work experience like when you applied?
  12. by   kramelenochka
    I'm planning to apply for hybrid DNP FNP program for next year. how are your experiences so far?
  13. by   E1024
    Hello !!! It's 2017 now and I hope OP and other who got into USFCA FNP program are doing well ! congratulations and keep going hard. I am a registered nurse in NY with a BSN looking at the USFCA FNP program. I have not applied yet and would like to get some input on the program. What are your likes and dislikes? would you recommend it? This would be a life changing move for me. I have never even been to california. Quoting Jefferson "If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done." .

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