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  1. Does anyone know the current state of UF's BSN-DNP programs? Their website does not have much in the way of information.

    I live in the Orlando metro region and am considering applying for the PMHNP program after I finish my BSN up. I own a home here, and thought I will have to delay my NP a few years. However, if the program can really all be done online with just a once a month trip to gainesville and our clinicals can be done wherever we live, I'd love to know because that sounds like a great idea for me then!

    Thank for anyone that has some previous experience with UF.
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  3. by   Florida1on1
    Bump. I also want info
  4. by   ICU_RN_21
    I am in the Adult ACNP program, so the info I can give might be track-specific...but here is my take. There aren't many days in the program that students are required to be in Gainesville. I had a few labs and such, maybe 4 days total. Clinicals are locally sought. I am based in Gainesville, but others in my cohort were all over the state and found adequate placements near them.

    I will say that the program has a lot of good connections locally, but I have heard it isn't as helpful for students out of Gainesville for clinical placements. If you think finding your own placements might be difficult where you live, then you might want to either reach out to faculty beforehand to assess the clinical opportunities or look for a school with better ties to the area. Hope that helps!
  5. by   Lanntis
    That helps a lot, thanks for the info ICU_RN_21! I would hope Orlando being the next closest major city that they would have made some good ties with the psych community in central florida but I guess I'll have to see.

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