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  1. Hello all,

    I am considering renewing my membership in STT. I am a doctoral candidate in a PhD program and am curious if there is any additional benefit to staying with STT in terms of research or grants. I am also a member of several other nursing organizations, to include ANA and the Eastern Nursing Research Society.

    As I'm sure you are all aware, membership to the organizations can become costly when aggregated. So, I need to do a cost-benefit analysis and am scouting for some anecdotal information.

    Thank you for any help/advice you can offer!

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  3. by   llg
    The only financial benefit is the possibility of getting some grants.

    However, there are other benefits that might be worth the renewal fee. Going to meetings, educational programs, etc. is a good way to network with the types of people who could be helpful in your career -- people who might become mentors, help you find/get a good job, give you good advice on a variety of things that might come up in your career. That type of benefit is hard to quantify in terms of cash, but it could be extremely valuable.

    Finally ... it's the kind of thing that is just "expected" in some circles. It shows support for the scholarly aspect of nursing. Not expected everywhere, but some people/work environment expect it -- and its absence on your resume may raise questions.

    I'd keep it -- unless you are so entrenched in your career/job that you can afford to appear less committed and less engaged than the other new PhD's.
  4. by   Caprica6
    Thanks llg! I truly appreciate the answers that you provide, they're always very insightful.

    I will go ahead and take advantage of STT's student discount and renew my membership...hope to see you there
  5. by   Bluebolt
    I got denied my benefits too. I'm sitting here doing statistical research not able to work to pay the bills trying to finish this doctorate. No healthcare, thanks Obamacare. I applied for WIC but just cause I'm not a woman or have a baby I got denied. It's more sexist up in here than a 1960's boardroom. I still got my Sigma Theta Tau membership though, they keep it real.