1. Hello, I'm a pre-nursing student.

    I have a question about the DNP?
    In my "future" years I am hoping to become a NP after getting a few years experience behind my belt.

    I've been reading a few threads about the colleges requiring NP's to obtaining a DNP.
    If this is a soon to be requirement how would someone get from BSN to DNP?
    Would you have to go from BSN to MSN to DNP? Or will someone be able to go from BSN (obtain a few years experience as RN) then to DNP? Basiclly can you get a BSN then get a DNP? Or is the MSN a must to reach the goal of DNP?

    I may sound a little off but I am very eager to know.
    Thanks! :typing
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  3. by   RedCell
    1) The official requirement for NPs to have their DNP degree is 2015, for CRNAs it will be 2025. With that said, many advanced practice programs are already transitioning their programs to grant the DNP upon matriculation into practice. If you are already practicing as an NP or CRNA with an MSN degree you will not be required to obtain a DNP.

    2) I cannot speak for NPs, however as a nurse anesthesia student that already has a BSN degree, you can graduate from a DNP program without having to obtain an MSN first. I believe the same applies to NPs as well.
  4. by   NursKris82
    From what I know, the DNP will replace the MSN. So, you will get your BSN and then your DNP. I just graudated with my ADN and am going to U of M Flint for my BSN. This is the last year they are doing MSN, there DNP program will begin next year to replace it.