Doctor could face extradition over Bundaberg deaths


Queensland's Chief Health Officer Gerry FitzGerald says an Indian-trained doctor would need to be extradited if charges were laid over deaths at Bundaberg Hospital.

Dr Jayant Patel returned to the US last month as questions were raised about his qualifications.

Dr Patel's complication rate at a regional hospital was 30 per cent higher than average, and he had previously been disciplined in the US for negligence.

The Queensland Nurses Union wants to discuss the deaths of patients who had complex procedures that should only be performed at a tertiary hospital such as the Royal Brisbane.

The union's Kym Barry says nurses have also raised concerns about the accuracy of the patients' death certificates.

I don't know what is more surprising - that they actually DID something about this guy or that the medical board has apologised for not checking his credentials correctly. The rest of the article did say he was on his way back to the US to work there - so please watch out.


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As a Yank who was looing for work in Oz during the week when this story flared up, I was mighty embarrassed to see one of my countrymen blackening the name of U.S. medical workers. Just what we need, another fly-by-nighter who fled Down Under to do his dirty work.

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And here I was embarrassed that we had employed him without full background checks. So sad about Bundy because it is one beautiful city with great people, some amazing scenery and life style.

I will try to find the links but the hero in all of this is a nurse - the CNC of the ICU stood up against this guy and fought like a demon to get heard and get him actioned!!!

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