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Hi all! I'm a new nurse and doing a report on Dobutamine for my unit. I need some "words of wisdom" on anything related to administering Dobutamine from experienced nurses. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!


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That seems like too general of a question to answer, really. Words of wisdom? Don't mistake Dobutamine for Dopamine. :)

in my unit Dobutamine we will use 250mg and dituled to 50mls normal saline and give infusion to pt


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dobutamine is great for unloading a pt. with CHF. pts. do come to the hospital for Dobutamine therapy every couple days or so to help increase the contractility of the heart and therefore improve systemic functioning of the circular system and thereby decreasing or preventing CHF emergencies


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Dobutamine where given almost for CHF :redbeathe

patient on lasix (furosemide) IV with dobutamine is Incompatible at y-site IV infusion:down:


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Dobutrex is commonly ordered for augmenting or increasing a patients cardiac index. If you don't have any method for determining the C.I.(such as a Swan or continous cardiac output monitor) then you could use the patients MAP. this can be tricky though and ideally you want some way of monitoring SVR, if you are going to titrate a dobutrex drip