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Do You Expect to be Engaged in Any Additional Business?

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I'm currently applying for jobs and planning to relocate for said job. I'm also going to be starting grad school a bit after I plan to start working. There's a section of the application that reads "If employed, do you expect to be engaged in any additional business or employment outside of your job?"

Do you think the "additional business" part would mean that I should answer yes and put grad school? I fully intend to let them know if I get an interview that I will be in grad school, but just don't want to put no and make it seem like I'm lying, but also don't want to put yes in case they're looking for a different answer more related to additional employment. What do you think they mean by that?

Any help is appreciated!

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No, they are wondering if you will have any work that may be a conflict of interest. Grad school doesn't apply.