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Do travel nurses have any choices other than "general floor" nursing?

I am a new RN. I have been on the floor about 3 months. My plans were to work about a year at my current position and then do some travel nursing. But I have decided that I am NOT cut out for "general" floor nursing. The pace is just too hectic for me.

So my question is: For travel nurses, are there positions readily available for areas like peri-surgical, or operating room nurse? And are travel nurses able to specify the area in which they will work; again like peri-surgical or operating room?

If the answer to the above questions is "yes: I want to try to transfer to one of those areas where I am now in order to get the experience in those areas.

Thank you in advance for responding!


bagladyrn, RN

Specializes in OB.

Yes there are jobs available for all specialties in travel nursing. You are certainly able to specify what area(s) you will travel in. I travel only in OB and have done so steadily for 10 yrs. You will need the minimum of one year in your specialty area before traveling and may need more for some areas and hospitals (I recently filled a contract that wanted someone with a minimum of 5 yrs. exp. in OB)

If you want to work in or out of the hospital environment and have tons of jobs opportunities traveling. You might want to look into hemodialysis. I'm a traveling hemodialysis nurse....and travel with a very reputable company named Foundation Medical Staffing. The have very good benefits...fair pay...and most importantly...stand behind you when you get into a bad clinic situation. I've heard of a few travelers who had to back out of an assignment as I almost did. The company totally backed its nurses. I liked that. Good luck with your search....there are lots of options.

Our operating room has plenty of travelers. A long time ago we had more travelers than we did permanent staff (fortunately that has resolved).

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