Do you think nursing pay would decrease if a recession occurs?

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I’m not sure if we are headed toward a recession or not. 

I was reading a news article on how to prepare for a recession. One of the ways to prepare was to realize your salary or hourly pay might  be reduced. 

I remember last the  recession of 2008, and how hard it was to find a job. I also do remember my hourly pay decreasing. Many employers got rid of healthcare insurance and tuition reimbursement. 

This recession is different. There are still staff shortages. There is the pandemic that is still around. I’m also not sure those nurses that retired are willing to  come back to work. I remember they sure come back to work  in 2008. 

Personally, I can’t afford a pay cut with the inflation prices. 

No, absolutely not. The only ones that should have their pay cut are the administrators making 14 and 15 million dollars a year. Nurses earn their pay with blood, sweat, and tears, and for others. Sadly the ones that have sucked the life and financing out of health care, never touch a patient. 

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