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Do you retract the foreskin to clean the penis?

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Hi all,

Do you retract the foreskin to clean the penis of your male patient? How much? completely?

How do you assess the penis of the patient with condom?

Will you continue to use the condom if after retracting the foreskin you noticed the redness at the very base of the shaft of the penis? 

Will you think that this redness was caused by the use of the condom even though the skin outside is intact?


I got annoyed today when one of the nurses assessed my male patient and told me not to use the condom because when she retracted the foreskin she found redness inside. 

I usually tolerate criticism, remarks, etc, quite well. But today I felt really annoyed. Came home and started to search the internet for any information on application of the condom, complications, assessment. I couldn't find anything about this specific problem...

Thank you,

I am grateful for your input.



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