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Do you have to be really good in science to go into nursing??

Hi, has anyone gone into the nursing program even though they aren't particularly good in science, or at least aren't the brainiacs in science?

yup :) of course you'll have to study harder than those fortunate ones who have an easier time in science but all that really matters is that you have common sense, a LOT of drive/ambition and you're willing to put in the work. also, you may not be good at one science and good at another. for me i could not stand chemisty and i barely pulled off a c but i totally aced micro and a&p.

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You don't have to be a genius but you certainly need to be motivated and determined. Time management is important too.


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Yes, I actually found out that I was better at science, than I realized. Just make sure to use alternative books to try and understand a concept, if you don't understand it from the book the teacher uses. :twocents:


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My gut reaction is to say "No, you don't have to be GREAT at science." Or "REALLY GOOD." However, you DO have to be motivated and work hard to understand the science, despite that. I am NOT a science person, but I got 3 As and a B in my science classes because I studied, did the homework, paid attention in class, etc.

That will take you pretty far... and you may realize you're actually pretty good at it, once you understand it. I always struggled with it in high school, but when I had something concrete - a way to APPLY it (as in, how will this be used in nursing?) that helped a ton.

Go take your biology class, or micro. And also, who your teacher is can make a huge difference. I use ratemyprofessor.com (or .org?) and make sure I get an instructor who students rate as being helpful, clear, etc.

Good luck!


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From my experience "science nerds" don't have it any easier in a nursing program than anyone else. There are lots of other skills that will help you in nursing- critical thinking skills, organizational skills, problem solving abilities, basic aptitude for caring... I was a biology major prior to entering the college of nursing and from a science majors standpoint much of the core science content in the nursing program is light fare. I don't mean to say a science aptitude isn't helpful but nursing is much more than applied biology and chemestry. I also don't mean to imply nursing isn't a "science" major- it is, but a fair ability to grasp scientific concepts and apply them to practical situations is sufficient to be sucessful in a nursing program.

The only fly in the ointment is that the science prereqs are very important for getting accepted to nursing school. So if you feel a little shaky about science, start out slowly, with 1 (preferably) or 2 courses. Study your butt off and see how you do. I thought I would struggle with chemistry but now I can't get enough of it! You won't know until you try.

Don't define yourself by your grade school experience(s). A lot of people who think they aren't good at science simply were not taught science in a way that was engaging to them. And as a result some take the "bad at science" label through college. If you've decided on a health care career then your motivation to do well is different so you may no longer be "bad at science".

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