Do all online BSN programs require 1 year of work experience?


I'd like to continue my education ( I graduate with an ADN in September) when I finish my RN program, but the three programs I've researched so far all require 1 year minimum to apply.

Are there any programs that do not require one full year of experience?


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Many of the ones I have looked at do not require experience. Which programs have you looked at? Email me at and I can get you a list of the programs I have researched which do not require experience. The list is kind of long and I have included prices and length of program.


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I'm enrolled in Florida Hospital's program....they require that you are eligible to sit for your RN. Here's the admission page of the program. It is distance learning, 100% online with no traveling. It presumes you are employed however, as they ask you to do assignments at your employer.

I was initially enrolled in an RN to BSN at St. Petersburg College, and they have the same requirements. You can start the RN to BSN program and if you do not pass the boards on the first try, you are not eligible to continue. They are not a distance school, there's some local traveling required.

Usually if a school has both the ADN and the RN to BSN program in the same school, as do both of the above mentioned schools, they do not require any experience after graduating from the ADN program.

Good luck.

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