Do you know any nursing school nearby princeton??

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This is a very serious problem for me.

My husband will go to princeton university this Oct 2009 and I have to move there too.(IF I find any nursing school otherwise I have to live different places.)

However,I was searching nursing school near by princeton but I could not find any nursing school near by princeton university. I might have to drive 1hr and 30mins at least to go to the nursing school such as New York or Philadelphia. I really need to live with my husband because we don't have enough money to support two seperate housings.:cry::crying2:

Anybody know any nursing school nearby princeton? and recommend me? me...

Thank you,

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There are links to all nursing programs in NJ here. Usually the board of nursing sites for each state have lists of approved nursing programs if you want to check out NY and PA too.


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There are several programs I know of. Mercer County College in West Windsor has a 2-year program. The College of NJ in Ewing has a 4-year one (and I'm betting Rider University in Lawrenceville does, also). Plus, if you're willing to go into Trenton, St. Francis hospital and Capital Health Systems both have programs. So you have a lot to choose from. I'm just starting at Capital Health in the fall, and so far I'm really impressed with them. Good luck! All of these should be no more than 30 - 40 minutes of you, depending on where in Princeton you are.

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St. Francis and Capital Health System are both in Trenton. Also, Mercer County Community College offers a nursing degree. Both of the first two are hospital based and (as far as I know)allow students to graduate from MCCC with an Associates Degree with the RN from the school. All three provide eligibility to sit for the NCLEX at the end. Best of luck!

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