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Do I negotiate hrly rate or bonus??

Hi everyone, I've spoken with a recruiter at Auerus and had my profile sent to a hospital in West Virginia for 13 wk ER position. She quoted me a flat rate of $30/hr with housing provided. (They don't do the tax advantage thing and I am glad...too confusing for me) I want to know is it in my best interest to negotiate hourly rate or bonus??(not sure if they even give bonuses). I'm not even sure if they negotiate. This is my first travel job. I want to make sure I'm getting what I'm worth. Thanks!


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The higher the base pay, the higher the overtime. So if this is a hospital that has overtime available & you like to work it, I would try for a higher base pay.

Once you are actually interviewed and selected you might be able to negotiate something with them. How bad do you need the work? One thing you could do is find out exactly where they are housing you and how much it costs. That way you can see your true payrate and maybe help with the decsion to ask for more $$.. Of course you do run the risk of negotiating yourself out of a job.

GleeGum, BSN, RN

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higher pay rate, also because of the overtime.

You can negotiate your pay. Some hospitals do not have a set bill rate and if the agency submits your bid, and the hospital approves it, great more $$$ for you :)


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