Do I need to visit my Gyn??


Hi all,

I need some advice but for you to give me the best possible advice you are going to need a bit of background. Back in July I noticed that I was itching and burning down there and when I tried to put anti-itch creams on I developed little knots . I went in September and had my first annual exam in 7 years . I had not been in years because as a girl with Cerebral Palsy and a implanted baclofen Pump many of the female OB/GYN's that I was taken to did not realize how spastic I was or how scared and they never had the correct size speculum, and I had more than one tell me that I had no need to go back until such time as I was sexually active...I am betting they were betting I would never be and so no one would ever have to mess with doing an exam again. For the record I am still not, unless thinking about it counts and nobody told me

I got in there and he was very gentle during the exam but the one time that his touching me triggered the itching he thought I was whimpering because of nerves, and I guess that I kinda was. I was too nervous about the pap smear to mention the constant itching and after all my insurance had told me that they would not cover it if I went in with any other complaints.

It is now December and the itching and discomfort has not stopped, some days it is so bad i can't help but walk funnier than I already do with my spastic scisor gate. I called the office today because I found out that when it is after hours or on the weekends the line rings straight to one of the docs. I asked if he could call me in something since to get backin to his office I would need a referral but I am not sure that I can get one since my mom won't let me go see the doc that I picked out to be my new primary....why, because she does not know them.....the big drawback of having a mommy that is a nurse....HIPPA, what's prievilege...not in our house.

I am going to call the doctors office at 8:30 on the dot and beg them to rush a referral through so that when I go see my grandma in 2 weeks I will have some comfort. I guess i am really curious as to how to tell if this is a big deal, I mean how do I know that the problem is even in the GYN department. Yes, everything hurts, and hurts bad but how do I know that it's not just irritation from the bath or hemmroids or something like that?? When my doctor asked me what kind of discharge I had I told him that it was the same milky white/ dries yellow that i have had for years its just the itching and burning that are new

Sorry if this is not making sense I am just lost


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Can you see your primary care doc as opposed to the OB-GYN? Usually a primary care, general practitioner, or even a pediatrician can do a pap (which you have already had and don't need again- you just in need of the exam). Did you tell your mom? I would be surprised if as a nurse she would let you be so uncomfortable for so long. You should get a pap more frequently than every 7 years, too.

You can buy treatments for yeast infections (which can be itchy and irritate the skin) over the counter at most grocery and drug stores. The packages usually contain an anti-itch cream for external use and some vaginal suppositories for internal use.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Yeast infection, I agree. But remember that we haven't actually looked at you so we could be way off.

Mom and i figured back in July that it was a yeast infection and she gave me the cream from the kit to use, but not the other part.....what is it I've always heard about doing half a job?? I guess that I will be in touch with both of the doctors tomorrow I just hope this infection, what ever it is, has not gotten out of control


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Are you taking tub baths?

Using bubble bath or lots of soap?

Have you been on antibiotics for any reason in the past few months?

All these things can contribute to yeast infection.

Since you are not sexually active and have had I presume at least three normal paps in the past you are at low risk for cervical cancer and as your OB/gyn previously told you don't need paps that often.

Since you have never had an officially diagnosed yeast infection, empirically treating with OTC yeast meds may not be your best bet. A simple wet prep and a quick swab for culture can help direct your care. There are lots of things that can cause vaginal itching.

How is the baclofen pump working for you?

Good luck with dealing with an overprotective Mom, she is just trying to do what she thinks is best and has been in this role for a long time. It is hard to let go.

DoctorRN, to answer a few questions:

I take tub baths since they are the easiest for me with no ledge in the tub that i could use as a seat and the bath chairs actually make me feel like I am going to fall.

I take Maybe 1 bubble bath a year but I do tend to use lots of soap as when I hop in the tub I really need that bath. Unless I get in just to soak cause my back and shoulders hurt like hell

I was on antibiotics for a week for a sore throat

To your point about the paps let me try to explain this

The first time I went to a GYN I was maybe 13 and having very painful, irregular periods. I was on Ritalin at the time but no one mentioned that it could and would screw with my cycles. My step mom tok me in and the female GYN did not have the right size speculum and as much as she tried she could not get me to relax enough to do a thorough exam and so went in "blind" with a q-tip.

About 3 years later I went to GYN number 2 another female again I could not rtelax and she admitted that she did not have the right size speculum and could tell she was hurting me so again she did the pap "blind"

The "dead bug" position is not easy for me to stay in and stay relaxed .

THen this year I knew that I might have to go see a GYN when mom and I both could feel the bumps that developed after using the yeast infection anti-itch cream and so I did a web search for doctors in my area, found one that agreed to try to work with me and so I set up the appointment. He turned out to be a real angel. His nurse had worked with people with disabilities before and so we were able to use an alternative position that allowed me to relax more and he was able to get a smear done. I know that the results from the one in September were normal I don't even know if the first two tests were usable much less the results.

Thanks for letting me know at least a little of what they have to do, Knowing how gentle this OB/GYN is I'll be shocked if I even feel it

Don't get me started on the Baclofen Pump I was put on it in the clinical trials for Cerebral Palsy kids almost 11 years ago and I hate it the only good thing I can say about it is that at least my resident was cute and sweet...I can shut my eyes and still see his face. That and I have met 3 (or 4 if you count the resident) great neurosurgeons. I am very slowly getting off of it. You ought to have seen my GYN's reaction to seeing it, precious.

I'll take all the help I can get when it comes to dealing with her, she became a nurse to better know how to take care of me, and I love having my own private nursing staff when in for a surgery but there are days that I wish she had kept her job at the bank

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