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Do I need to complete GED besides nursing prerequisites?

BellaKuan BellaKuan (New) New

Hi guys,

I completed and graduated from high school in The Netherlands.

I am currently taking chemistry, nutrition and psychology (a few nursing prequisites) at a community college (CCSF). My question is, do I need to complete my GED as well? Or is completeing the prerequisites enough? Is my foreign high school diploma enough? It's probably a stupid question! But I'm so new to they system here in the States.

I feel so bad now, cause here I was thinking, I could apply in a semester or two cause I will have completed prereqs, and then i thought.. wait.. do i need to complete GED as well? :crying2:

Thanks for helping!


Your foreign diploma should be good enough. If it is in Dutch, you will probably need to have it translated. I would inquire at your nursing school or with the nursing board in your state on how to go about getting this done. Or you might get some input from another person on this site who had to have their foreign credentials translated for the Board. Good luck with your schooling. If you are already attending school, you may be ok for now. Then when you apply for your nursing license after graduation, your school will present paperwork from the nursing school for your nursing license application. At that time, your high school diploma may not be part of the picture. If the Board requires it in addition to your college transcripts, you will be informed at that time.

By looking into this now you will be saving yourself time and aggravation when it comes time to apply for your nursing license. If you need to do anything with your high school diploma, now is the time to get that process started and out of the way. Again, good luck with your classes.

You don't need to have a GED certificate, but you have to provide an official high school diploma for the nursing school. For me, it's pain in the neck because I had to contact my high school and Univ. in my country. So, I made the decision to took the GED test which is make my life easier and faster when I applied to nursing program. Good luck!:nurse:


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