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Do I have a good shot of getting into nursing?


I am talking about accelerated nursing (second-entry nursing). I just graduated (or will in June) with a degree from UofT. I am still waiting to get 2 final marks back, but my cGPA is a 3.5 and my GPA over the last 2 years is about a 3.6 I think (depending on what the last 2 marks are). I have spent years volunteering in various roles at SickKids Hospital and worked on 3 research projects (2 clinical) while there. I have also worked on 2 research projects at Health Canada and one will be submitted to the BMJ with my name on it (hopefully it will be accepted). I also also worked in various health/medicine related student organizations at school. HOWEVER, I heard that most nursing schools don't accept students with lower than a 3.7 GPA. My first choice school is UofT. But I am very scared that my GPA is too low. My overall average in percentage is a bit higher at 81 or 82% (last 2 years). Anyone with similar stats to mine admitted to a nursing school in Canada? I plan to apply to about 10 schools but my first 3 choices are UofT, Nipissing, and UBC. I worked so hard in undergrad I did everything physically possible to get good grades and still didn't end up with a 3.8 or 3.9.