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Do I go to work this day?

wjxn wjxn (New) New

I've finally decided to leave my current job. But I'm not sure when my last day is.

In my resignation letter, I said the effective date would be on the 16th. Does that mean I work on the 16th? Or I'm officially not an employee that day?

Red Kryptonite

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You've resigned effective the 16th, meaning the 15th is your last day. On the 16th, you're not an employee anymore.

I always put in my resignation notices a statement like, "X will be my last day of work," just to avoid such confusion.

llg, PhD, RN

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Tip for the future: Clarify that in you next letter of resignation. That is what I do as I would not want any misunderstanding over the issue. I write something like: I am resigning my position of blah, blah, blah. My last day of work will be April x, xxxx.

That assures that you and your boss have the same expectation.