Do I have a chance?!??

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I an a nurse with 11 years experience ranging from ER to Psych to case management and currently am the Director of Medical Quality for a large Social Service agency in NYC. I have an AASN in nursing but have a BS and an MS from prior to becoming a nurse (17-18 years ago, as I worked as a social worker after receiving my previous degrees). I would LOVE to become a nurse educator, preferably in an educational setting, but am also open to starting with clinical education. What are my chances or what else do I need? In theory I wouldn't mind taking courses but I work a very stressful and time consuming job and have a young child. The upside (ha!) is I have an over 3 hour daily commute mostly spent on a bus. I appreciate any and all info, suggestions and insight!

In my experience with a few different nursing programs over the years, you would need at least a BSN (not an associate's plus a different baccalaureate degree) to get an entry level position as a clinical instructor in a nursing program, and you would need at least an MSN (not a different Master's) to be able to do any classroom teaching. In my experience in clinical settings, you would need at least a BSN, preferably an MSN, to work in a hospital nursing education department. Best wishes!

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