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Do I have any chance of getting into nursing school? (PLEASE BE HONEST)

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Hello! I am a new member with some questions and I am considering going back to school for nursing.

To preface I was a Pre-Nursing student when I started college quite a few years ago. I was afraid I wouldn't be competitive enough to get into my college's nursing school so I switched my major. I believe I took roughly half of my required classes at the time. Now I'm in my final semester for Human Resources (HR) and about to graduate. I planned on going into a hospital administration HR role but covid-19 put that on hault and the more I look into it I'm starting to be disenchanted and wanting to look into a clinical role versus a non-clinical desk job.

I've noticed my grades have started to drop compared to what they were in my early college years when I was Pre-Nursing compared to now although the classes are much easier.

I think I am less passionate and fulfilled with my current major and a few nursing/nursing school friends have told me I should consider finishing my degree then going into an accelerated nursing program to get my BSN. I've heard this is referred to as a post-bacc MSN to get a BSN (correct me if I'm wrong). However I want to be realistic and see whether or not I even have the ability to get into a program.

I thought FOR SURE I wasn't getting good enough grades to apply for nursing school but going back through my transcript I've realized I was doing alright (A's and B's) - and I was getting BETTER grades then than I am now. I fear I may not be competitive enough to get in though because my current GPA is below what my Pre-Nursing school grades are. I have heard sometimes schools only look at your Pre-Nursing reqs but my GPA is just under a 3.0 I believe at a 2.6 or 2.7 (I know I'm very embarrassed).

My school's requirements (Fresno State): "Must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative and prerequisite GPA, a 75% on the TEAS, and all Pre-Requisites completed to be eligible to apply to the Nursing Program"

I do have some regrets over not sticking with it and applying although at the time I was struggling with anxiety from test-taking so I think looking back on it now it is best I didn't jump into something at age 20 versus now at 25 having some more clarify and maturity I can gauge whether or not this is a viable option for me.

These are the courses I've taken that are required at my school and my grades in them when I took them:

Pre-Requisite Requirements:

Comm 8 - A (3 units)

Engl 5B/10 - (took this as an AP class in high school; either A or B) (3 units)

Additional Requirements:

Nutri 53 - A (3 units)

Psych 10 - B (3 units)

CFS 38 (lifespan development) - B (3 units)

**I would need to take the following courses:

Sociology 3 - (3 units)
Math 11 or Ph 92 - (3 units)
Chemistry 3A - (4 units)
Microbiology - (4 units)
Human Anatomy and Physiology I - (4 units)
Human Anatomy and Physiology II - (4 units)

Philosophy 20 or 120 - (3 units)

Do I stand a chance? Please be honest.

Thank you.

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Depends on the school. But you are in California and it is competitive as hell - you know this already or else you wouldn't be asking. Your GPA, as it is now, is not going to get you in. Also, even if your GPA gets to 3.0, there are people going into these programs with 4.0 in pre-reqs, 4.0 in the sciences, and over 3.5 in undergrad GPAs.

Let's say you get your GPA to a 3.0. You might be able to get into an ABSN as long as your prereqs and main science courses are up there GPA-wise. Many ABSN degrees also require the TEAS or HESI, so if you can get a high score (90% or more overall) on that, you might have a shot. Again, competition is fierce in CA. You may want to seriously think of applying outside of CA.

An ABSN degree is not a masters. It is a regular nursing bachelor's degree - just accelerated. You graduate w/ whatever degree you get in college and then apply. For most ABSNs, you must have at least a 3.0 in your bachelor's degree. Again, it's the minimum but in CA, the minimum just doesn't seem to be good enough for the majority of schools.

One big issue w/ the ABSNs is financing. If you have maxed out your financial aid on your current/about to be bachelors, then you can only get personal loans unless you have the cash to pay for it. ABSNs do not qualify for master's degree financing because it's not a master's.

Where you are at now, you pretty much need to get A's in everything to bring that GPA up. Or you can take a bunch of easy classes and get that GPA up too. Up to you.

You might also consider looking at the ADN programs at your local community college. Many of these programs might only look @ TEAS and pre-req grades and if you have health care experience - volunteer or paid.

I would strongly suggest if you are serious about this, start cracking the books or Tablet/Ipad. Get in somewhere and get volunteer experience. Just make sure you get A's because you don't want your GPA to go down.

Good luck

Also, some pre-reqs have time limits on them. Make sure to check w/ the schools you are interested in. I've seen many only allow you to have the major pre-reqs no more than 5-7 years old. Older than that, then you have to retake them

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I am 37 and I have been toying with the idea of nursing school since I got out of high school 127 years ago 😂 it’s never to late to start and it’s never not doable. If I were you I would look at the requirements for schools in your area and go talk to an admission advisor. Take your transcripts with you and ask them straight up, what do I need to do to get accepted. Also you might want to look at WGU, they accept pre req classes from straighterline (online self paced courses that are super cheap) and that might help you accelerate your ability to get into nursing school. I just talked to an admission advisor from wgu and for GPA, they only consider your science pre reqs, and since you haven’t taken any of those, you are still totally in control of that. You would also have to take the ATI TEAS examine. Just don’t lose hope! I just started my A&P class through straighterline and I hope to have all my sciences done by the end of the Summer! Good luck!!

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