Do you ever get mysterious fees??

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I got a letter today - in my 8th week of nursing - stating that I cant register for classes because I owe $180 in fees. We believe it is because our professor purchased a software program around this time for our class. Well, my grants paid for all of my tuitions and fees that were due back in week 1. So now this fee has to be paid out of pocket. How can they just randomly tack on a fee, so late in the semester? Is that even legal? A lot of our program has been unorganized, so I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen?

Forgot to mention, it wasnt just me, our whole class was charged.

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Has anyone in your class asked what the fee is for? I certainly wouldn't pay it until there is a legitimate explanation as to what it's for.

So far I haven't had any of those, but I wouldn't be surprised if they show up soon. After we got to class the other day, we were informed we had to pee in a cup. OK, no problem. The next day we got an email saying the drug test was $30 and we have to pay by Friday. Or we have training scheduled at a clinical site and get an email the day before to bring our check books because it costs $25.

Gee thanks, my budget loves being nickled and dimed :(


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