Do CNAs with EKG/phlebotomy training make more money?


I'm going to be sitting for the Florida CNA exam soon (hopefully I'll pass!) and I was wondering if CNAs who have EKG/phlebotomy training make better money and/or have better job opportunities? I'm also a pre-nursing student so I'd very much like to start learning as much as I can right now. I was digging through threads on here and found a link to a medical training school in Daytona Beach, FL:

But how on earth can they teach you how to draw blood in one day? Does this look like a scam to y'all? And if anyone knows of any legit EKG/phlebotomy classes in the Orlando area, it'd be much appreciated. :)


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I am only a CNA student but from what I have heard is that if you work in a hospital, you will be taugh these skills on the job and I believe for free. So, it may not be worth the money - maybe try to first work as a CNA and on your interviews, ask if they will provide this training.

I received my CNA liscense in January and in February I took a phlebotomy class. I was astounded that it was only two days! ($250!) I was thinking how much can I learn in two days...It was 9 to 3 both days. We did finger pricks, blood draws by venipuncture and syringe. I was thinking we had to take a test to be licensed (lol) but I was wrong you don't have to be certified in FL..But u can after working and actually drawing blood it's like a 110 sticks or something then you can sit for a test and get liscensed. We poked each other and family volunteers. My instructor told us that hospitals/doctors offices look for CNA's with phlebotomy training. And I believe it is just a bit more money then just being a CNA..


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Once I pass my CNA test I might look into the phlebotomy thing. Thanks!

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