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DNP student in need of preceptor!

by AveryHarvey AveryHarvey (New) New

Hi all! I'm a DNP student with the University of South Alabama. I'm looking for a pediatric primary care NP in Nashville, TN or surrounding area to follow for the fall semester. I would need to follow two days a week. Any leads or offers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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There are often preceptors posted in local and state NP associations. Generally you must become a student member and pay a discounted amount of dues prior to seeing the database, but it may be worth it if you are in a bind. I generally find that the call and ask approach is not very successful and it is better to find preceptors through a source which guarantees that a person is willing to precept students such as these association websites or word of mouth from colleagues. It may be worth your time to see if USA or any TN NP schools have a social media group in which you can ask for suggestions as well. Best of luck!