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DNP scope of practice - Experiences, esp FL


Specializes in Oncology.

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask all NPs with many years of experience or even personnel accounts on how they feel the law influences their scope of practice. I wanted to ask because I am still confused with the whole "collaborating Physician" aspect of the nursing practice. I understand that under law, an MD can practice any form of medicine. To put this to an extreme scenario, Even if they are highly specialized in their practice, an electrophysiologist can still practice oncology; even though malpractice insurance won't cover them, and insurance won't provide them with payment. NPs on the other hand are limited to their patient population that they were exposed to in schooling and their certification.

Anyway, before I get more off topic, can anyone clarify how their states laws limits their scope of practice? Are NPs obligated to follow certain protocols when treating illnesses, are they barred from making any type of diagnosis? These are just a few things I could come up with. Thanks for any input you can provide! - Curious BSN student.