DNP Chances


Looking at University of Utah FNP, but I can't seem to find any statistics on acceptance here. So my question, is in general for any DNP programs.

25 yo male

cGPA: 3.60

GPA of last 60 credits 3.82

BSN Magna Cum Laude

Worked as CNA from Jan 2009-May 2010

LPN from May 2010 to May 2011

RN from May 2011 to current.

Currently employed in a rural emergency room (worked there as CNA, LPN, RN)

Also Currently employed on Cardiac Unit/ Step Down unit in a large hospital, member of hospital code team.


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I'd say your credentials are good. As to whether or not the school is competitive, I do not know. Since your GPA is nice enough, you do not need the GRE, so that is a good thing.

Good luck to you! Make sure you ace that interview!


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Do most schools unofficially show more preference to male or female?