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DMC Modesto CA

by dpremo dpremo, RN (New) New

Has anyone heard from DMC Modesto New Grad program- cohort July/August 2020 after the first interview in April wheater or not second interviews are going to be scheduled?


I interviewed in April, but haven't heard anything yet.

Thank you for responding. Hopefully we will hear positive information soon!

Offers were already extended, unfortunately, I did not get one

Hello dpremo I just received an E-mail from DMC. I wasn't selected for the residency either. You probably received the same genetic E-mail I did.

Do you know of anyone else who was not accepted?

One other person, but haven't heard back yet. I spoke to HR at DMC this morning that stated all offers had already extended. That was before I received the email.

Thanks. Not many people were interviewed so I wonder how many people were selected.