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Distance TexWes Applicants

by Spode Spode Member

Has anyone who has applied for the Tex Wes program for study in any of the states besides Texas been offered an interview yet? I keep checking the mail everday kust like a kid waiting for their cereal box toy to arrive:clown:

Hi spode,

I applied too, they emailed me about some stuff I was missing.I leave in florida the sec told me I will be interview in florida if I got offered one. Let me know when you get yours.

ok, I just pray I get an interview

Where you live, im in florida, lets keep in touch

I am in KY. Staying in touch sounds great!

Ibm5, did you apply anywhere in Fl? I know there are lots of schools there. I am thinking of applying to the school near Tampa for 2012 since I have a possible living situation there. Pm me when you can. How were your GRE scores? I took them in 2001 and my scores were good.I re-took them in Nov this year and they were bad. I am really worried they will keep me out this time around.

Send me a message when you have time and tell me more about yourself. Good Luck, I am pulling for ya!

Hello Spode,

I have to retake the GRE, my score were not that good. I applied to Barry but I am tired of Florida I have been living there for 16 years and the place I live now has lots of rich and retired people and I do not think they invest much in education for kids.The school for Tampa might not be a bad idea, but Wolford in Naples is not too good, they are not students friendly at all. My friend was there and other people I know , students have to fly under the radar, they kick them out at all the phases. Talk to you soon and hope we can make it to Texas if that is your desire.