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I am an OR RN and have been thinking of going for my BSN/MSN and maybe NP. After researching all the options available in this area the distance education with U.O.P seems the most feasible option despite the comparatively high cost. Have any of you enrolled there and what was/is it like? Is it worth it? Also, sometimes I feel like I am too old but I would really like to get my MSN and maybe get into OR education which would also probably be a better way to offset the student loan payments I would end up with. Any opinions out there, I need some advice, been thinking about this way too long!:confused: :confused:

grace in Georgia


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Grace, I can't help with the UOP, but want to tell you that there is no age limit on education. You mentioned feeling like you are "too old"- I am a diploma graduate, finally finished my BSN at 48, and will graduate this month with an MSN at the age of 50, and there are people in my class even older than I am!

Have you checked out the University of South Alabama? Not sure if it would be any less expensive than UOP, they do have a distance education track, and I believe have a distance FNP program. I know one person who graduated from the education track, and was very happy with her program.

If this is something you want don't let your age deter you from going back to school.


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Grace only advice I can give is look into cost. UofP is very expensive and I live in Phoenix where there home office is and when I looked into getting a degree in business it was so expensive. It is feasible but look at other distance learning programs and look at costs...


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I took one class at a cost of 1300$....very challenging, probably a great school, that UOP but way too expensive when i can take 20 15-20 credit hours a semester for that much money and 100% online with an instate university which is what I am starting in Jan. 2004


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Check out this new collaboration between AORN and the University of Colorado to offer reduced tuition in U of Colorado's online RN-mobility program for AORN members:


Even if you are not a meber of AORN this might make it worth joining.

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Thanks for the info spineCNOR. I did not know this existed and it is sitting in my own back yard.:) Makes me tempted to go on for my BSN.

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