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Distance Learning Systems

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has anyone heard of "distance learning systems"? i recently received a postcard from them, stating "no travel required" and being "online" for the lpn to rn program. anyone know anything about them?

Yeah. They are just like RUE and College Network, except for the fact that they actually provide online "classes", to help you get through Excelsior's program. I passed.

Thanks! That sounds retty good, I have taken some online classes before, so I know how it is. Do they provide books and powerpoints? Do you take tests with them and do you still have to take the tests at the testing centers? Any other type of info would be great!

They are just a publishong company. I WOULD NOT use them. I do not know what materials they uses, but they ARE NOT and HAVE NO AFFILIATION with Excelsior. You would have to pay their fees, and Excelsior's fees, and their tests CAN NOT take the place of excelsior's test.

Excelsior gives you plenty of study guide information to follow. When I took the program I followed their program and had no problem passing

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Where would you like me to start with the nightmare of Chancellor's Learning Systems???????


THEY ARE NOT A SCHOOL!!!! THEY ARE A PUBLISHER!!!! They are selling their books that you never get.....

First, they sing you a love song of "you can be done with this and be a registered nurse in 2 years"

They hit you with this contract that is like 12 pages long.... and want you to initial every little entry in it just hoping you wouldn't read or understand it..... Set you up on a payment plan..... you pay and pay and get nowhere until you default. Then Mr. Bill Price starts to call 12 times a day.....

I lost a job due to corporate downsizing and was unable to pay the $95.00 per month, they filed lawsuit (regardless of the $25.00/mo payment arrangement we agreed on) 3 months later.... they have haunted me for 3 years now... Garnishing wages and costing me 2 jobs now finally Levying my bank accounts... Not to mention unending phone harrassment from them and thier local dirt-bag haunting lawyer.

If you haven't signed a contract with them RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!

If you did get a contract with them GET A FREAKING LAWYER!!!!!! Because you are going to need one as their contract is ambiguous and only a laywer can find the loopholes out of it.

Their lawsuit has cost me two jobs and most of my child support for the last year.... they Levyed the account my child support was deposited into.

These people are PREDATORS!!!!!! They send you this contract that is all less than 6 point print and is as confusing as heck.... then they wait for you to screw up and sick a local lawyer on you.

I only got ONE BOOK and ended up paying out over $4000.00 in legal fees, the whole of the contract and have wage garnishments for court fees and THIER attorney's fees.

You would be money ahead to pay thier 25% contract dissolution. Then tell EVERY Practical or Vocational Nurse looking to get thier RN you know to run the other way if a nursing program has a Chancellor's Learning Systems title.

I wish you luck, and curse the day I EVER saw thier add online!!!!!!

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