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Distance learning question


Does anyone know of any online NP programs that allow you to complete your clinicals out of state? I recently started applying to NP school at UAB and then realized I must complete my clinicals in Alabama. However, I live in California. I only plan on staying in California until September 2015. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

zmansc, ASN, RN

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I think the majority of the online programs that require you to help identify preceptors will allow you to finish the program in your home location. I could be wrong on that, but that was the case with the programs I researched prior to selecting my program.

Am I understanding your post correctly, you currently live in CA, hope to start the program while living in CA, but then move just prior to starting your clinical rotations? If that is the case, my bigger concern would be the total lack of network you will have with providers in the region you plan on doing clinical rotations in. I think the network of providers plays a huge part in being able to find preceptors who are willing to assist you.


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In the program I attended (Texas), we had a student who resided in New Mexico. Only a portion of her hours were allowed to be completed out of state. I'm not sure if that was a board of nursing requirement or our specific program. And yes…preceptors seem to be very hard to come by.