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I am looking into several distance education programs to start working towards a BSN. Has anyone tried this method of education and how is it working out. From what I understand you are sent a package at the beginning of the course with required readings, video lectures and are required to submit essays, research and assignments by mail. Local test writing sites are arranged.

I chose this type of program to earn my BSN after many years of traditional programs just not fitting into my lifestyle. It did work for me & I graduated in 1997. It took me only one year to complete what I needed. I was an ADN with an additional 30+ college credits that I had accumulated over the years. I had to take the clinicals & 3 challenge exams which were done at pre-arranged testing sites. In addition to that I was lacking 6 Humanities credits which I earned with a Dantes video course. It worked for me AND I landed a job I would never have gotten without the BSN even with 25 years of nursing experience! Good Luck.


Try this number and ask for Tammy Cook, she will answer any questions you might have. She's an awesome lady and if she doesn't know she will check it out and get back with you, Just call 1-800-759-5947 and when the receptionist comes on line just ask for Tammy Cook-Barb

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