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KS BON recently reinterpreted it's stand on basic nursing programs to make Excelsior College no longer acceptable. I'd like to know how many RN's in KS got their initial nursing education from Regents/Excelsior.

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I don't know how many finished. I was going to go through EC, but now I will look for other options.


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I am getting ready to graduate from Excelsior and am caught up in this decision. Now I have to either try and fight ksbn or repeat this entire year over.


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I got this from EC by email:

The deans are meeting with KS


Mar 15,16 and we'll know then* what we are up against. I would advise

waiting until then to make any decisions.

Rosemary Casale

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School of Nursing

Excelsior College

*I corrected a typo, changing "them" to "then"

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I got a letter from KSBN with some good news. Current EC students can still get licenses if they complete clinical some way, they listed 2 possible ways:

1. Complete a clinical curriculum that meets the requirements (several KS ADN programs are in the process of developing the clinical component, they said).

2. Become a licensed RN in another state, and work at least 1,000 hours in that capacity, then apply to endorse to KS.


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Well I'm frusterated. I really wanted to do Excelsior's program and it doesn't look like KS will allow it. I am currently an LPN and it is not possible to do a traditional program that I would have to attend 5 days per week and I'm an hour drive from the closest nursing school. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?


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Hi, I am new to this but am happy thinking I might have found someone to help me!

I am now working as a MA no schooling but, have been trying to find a way to get my RN. Have to keep working full time, Have called so many places and been very discharged. I understand I have to start somewhere. But where, everyone I have talked with says we can not help you. Tried online classes, of course NOT in KS.

Please Help!!!

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