distance degrees- know of any good ones??

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Hi everone,

I am a Canadian RN who has recently completed a three year diploma program in Ontario, Canada.

I am working on a very busy, demanding surgical floor in a teaching hospital.

I need and want to complete my degree- but need to do it by distance. I live and work near a great university- but work is so demanding I would prefer to come home and work via computer and distance learning.

I have looked at some distance RN-BN and RN-Masters programs- namely Athabasca (Canadian) and some US based ones.

Can anyone give me feed back- Canadian or US on their experiences, thoughts, recommendations..........ect.

I would greatly appreciate it.



In reference to above post- I have been doing some research.

Can anyone comment on the distance program offered by Jacksonville University- RN-BScN program??????????????????????

ANY input from ANYONE would be so appreciated.




There are several distance RN-BSN programs in the US and more and more coming online everyday! I did my BSN through St. Josephs College in Maine and loved it! The staff were very professional and helpfull and the program takes into account that you do have experience and builds on it. The program requires you to do 3 weeks of clinical time in Maine.

I too obtained my RN in Canada in a three year program which is not considered a diploma in the US but an 'associate degree'. You should have no problem transferring credits. You can find St. Jo's at http://www.sjcme.edu.

Feel free to contact me for any other info if you need it. By the way where are you in Canada??

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