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Disqualifying offense

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Hello all. I've completed my nursing prerequisites and in the process of applying for schools. I've recently got accepted into a program contingent upon passing my background check. I completely forgot that in 1996 (yes!) I was shopping with my 9 month old daughter at a large department store and bought a vacuum cleaner, some baby clothes, and new bedding. I had a shirt for me in the stroller basket that I was going to purchase but my daughter began crying and I hurried and paid for my items and left, completely forgetting about the shirt in the bottom of the stroller. Security stopped me and had me arrested. I offered to pay on the spot, even offered double but they weren't having it. Nobody had the means to bond me out so I agreed to plea guilty at my court date two days later so I could hurry back to my daughter. Now I have a class A misdemeanor for retail theft conviction on my record and after being denied from one school, I'm not sure how to proceed. I don't have a backup plan, nursing is my passion. I've always needed more than monetary compensation for my time spent at work, and the ability to make a difference in someone's life is exactly what I love. Can anyone advise on how to proceed? TIA

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You're posting this in the Nurse Practitioner forum. This might be more appropriate in the Pre-Nursing student forum.

You should contact a lawyer to see what your options are, as we can't dispense legal advice.