Dismissed charge - Having trouble getting accepted for CNA.


Okay, I'm a prospective nursing student who was charged with domestic assault and battery in Tulsa, OK. The charges were dismissed, and I've enrolled at my technical college here for my CNA, but I'm having some issues because they are saying it's up in the air if I'll even be able to take the class because I might not be able to do my clinical school with that on my back ground. The clinical site wants more information and they want to know if I intend on having the dismissal expunged when I am able. I definitely am, but that's 2 years away I believe, not 100% sure. I put a call into my attorney today so waiting to hear back. Basically, has anyone had any issues in this area or any areas, with dismissed charges, still preventing them from getting their CNA? I'm planning to go work for a hospital here when I get it, and then continue with pursuing my RN, and I'm sure when I get to my clinicals then, I'll have them expunged by then. This is such a pain for something that was dismissed because the accusation was found out to be false. So does anyone have any tips or know if this is going to hender me from getting my CNA?