I am a cna working in a hospice the nurses know Im going to school to be an RN they kind of discourage me at times saying I love your enthusiasm it gets old after a while and you will be a great nurse but why don't you do something else like information technology so you can be done faster. I'm working full time 3 12s and have 2 kids and taking 1 science pre req at a time others I work with are doing accelerated programs so they think I should too. It's discouraging when you have people tell you to something you know is your passion

You keep going. Keep going and don't look back at the negative people. They have their reasons for their bitterness. Unless the comments are constructive in nature, they don't matter. Let it all slide down. Keep this philosophy from now on. REMEMBER: "let it slide" for the rest of your nursing career. Don't let people discourage YOU. You will encounter more of these people while in the program, if it's a professor give them the benefit of the doubt and troop along.

Look at the reasons you want to be a Nurse and hold on to those reasons, never take your eye off the game.

Do things the way they most benefit YOU and remember that finishing first is not going to make much of a difference. So what if "Sussy" is an RN in a year, two, or three before you. Finish most efficiently though, meaning you are considering the speed, cost, time, commute, pass rate, teacher/student ratio etc.

You have kids & you work... So maybe a ABSN is NOT best for you... ? Nursing school is no joke as it is and those accelerated programs are intense because of the speed.

Do the BSN or ADN-BSN if it best benefits you.

It is not a race to the finish. :)

I promise!!!

Become the Nurse you know you are meant to be.

Don't you think life is stressful enough without trying to please everyone? I sure do. That's why I've begun to care less about what people say or think about me. (Because most people talk about people - I'm 100% sure I get talked about for something LOL.) (And everyone loves to give their opinions about stuff "do this... Do that") Unless it's constructive ... "It don't matter to ME!".

Thank you! I will do that. You gave great advice and encouragement!


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When I run into people like that, who are doing it simply to be malicious

I immediately say Fook em!

I will not allow someones bitter and jaded views stop me from chasing my dreams. You smile and nod at them all the way to nursing school. I had an experience with naysayers, expect those naysayers were genetically linked to me. I still said fook em. As soon as they found out I was accepted into nursing school, they changed their tune.

The only person that can stop you is yourself. Sometimes I a huge roadblock to myself with negative thinking, but I have for the most part overcome that.

Good luck on your journey!


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i enjoy negative attitudes. it makes me try harder to become successful. i turn their bad attitude into motivation for myself. i love proving people wrong. i love prospering and growing in the face of adversity. i love maximizing my potential in front of a stagnant and negative audience. i offer positivity in light of others negativity, that is how i pay it forward.