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Unfortunately, my husband has left me and my two girls. I am currently living in New York and working full time for the Army as a civilian nurse. Great job, but not so great pay. Not to mention ALL my family is back home in Ca. I have my Ca nursing license. I have my BSN and a little over 2 years experience. I must have over 50 applications out there for full time, part time and per diem positions within a 200 mile radius of Sacramento.

I talked to a recruiter at UCD and got little feedback and nothing promising. It seems the market is extremely competitive at this time. I am at a loss on how to get back home and work to support me and my two girls.

I have even thought of the idea of travel nursing just to get out that way and get started.

Any ideas? Suggestions on how to improve my resume?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Wow. I knew the job market was tough for new grads, but for experienced nurses too? Ouch. Although, I do know that the Sacramento/SF area is even more brutal than in SoCal.

Maybe, you could apply to SoCal hospitals (yay! you'll be in CA) and then eventually make your way back up to Sacramento area.

Hugs to you! Good luck!

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Unfortunately the job market is pretty tough but I have found that most hospitals are taking in traveling nurses first and try to convince the traveler to stay. I know that is how most of my assignments have turned out...it's a way for a hospital to see if you would be a perfect fit for that particular department. At least that has been my experience in the O.R.

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